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The Death Railway covered  over 200 miles (429km) and the camps were numerous, to make it easier to follow the length has been broken into four sections. A further two sections have been added, Thanbyuzayat to Moulmein and Thanbyuzayat to YE.

The workforce sent to Burma and Thailand was sent in Parties under the prisoners own administration, once the prisoners were at their destination the Imperial Japanese Army (I.J.A.) put them into Work Groups. These have been added to the various camps with the dates of occupation by the different groups.

The names of the camps were translated by the Japanese and then into English by the prisoners. Thus with different nationalities and  dialects, the names had various pronunciations and spellings. The various names have been added to the layout of the Death Railway, these names are spelt as found in various books and writings about the Railway and although we do not know the correct spelling or pronunciation, this is the way the prisoners wrote them down.


Neil MacPherson and Rod Beatie, of the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, have worked hard on a standard for the names used on the railway.

This naming convention, accepted by the Center For Research, sets out the known details of the camps on the Burma Thailand Railway, makes allowances for the spelling differential. Neil and Rod Beattie have worked to make this as accurate as possible. (Rod Beattie has worked diligently on this project for years and was instrumental in developing the Death Railway Musuem in Thailand) For those who worked on the Burma end, the men used the distance from Base Thanbyuzayat as camp names. Example 35 Kilo Camp, MacPherson's first camp in Thailand, the tendency was to use the name of the nearest village, so the list gives both name (Tanyin) and kilo (35) camp designation. These are shown in red, the first figure is the distance from Nong Pladuc and the second is the distance from Thanbyuzayat.

Credit to Neil MacPherson and Rod Beattie.


Section 1 Section 1 - Ban Pong to Tha Makhan

Railway Line - 10b

Section 2 Section 2 - Chungkai to Rin Tin

Railway Line - 10b

Section 3 Section 3 - Hindato to Three Pagodas Pass

Railway Line - 10b

Section 4 Section 4 - Chanaraya to Thanbyuzayat

Railway Line - 10b

Section 5 Section 5 - Thanbyuzayat to Moulmein

Railway Line - 10b

Section 6 Section 6 - Thanbyuzayat to YE

Railway Line - 10b



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