My Experiences in Malaya and Thailand by Sigm Wader Ex P.O.W. 1941-1945

Edited by John Jones

I found this handwritten piece of history abandoned in a book bank near Brighouse in West Yorkshire about 5 years ago and the sacrilege of it forced me to rescue it and take it home. It has since given me a new hobby and an avid interest in similar stories. It has made me realise more personally what these people went through for each of us here today.

Now that I've managed to get it publicised for others to read, my next objective is to reunite the diary with its rightful owners. I've had little joy in tracing the mans family to date, this I hope will open more doors for me and with any luck one of the readers may be able to help me locate a relative and return it.

If anyone has any information they would like to trade or have any comments regarding the story, please email me at and I will be happy to discuss anything in relation to it. All your comments are welcome.

I hope this has been of as much interest to you as it has to me.

John Jones


Signalman Wader´s Diary

      Liverpool to Singapore  Liverpool to Singapore

      The Japanese War The Japanese War

      Saigon Times Saigon Times

      My P.O.W. Life 3 .5 Years My P.O.W. Life 3 .5 Years

      Thai Burma Railway Thai Burma Railway

      My Journey Home My Journey Home


      BlotterDataListIcon Summary

      • Signalman Wader travelled from Liverpool aboard The Duchess of York (21,000 tons – speed 14 knots) to Singapore on 23rd March 1941.
      • A member of 9th Indian Division, Sigm Wader's ‘75 Line Section' was feared wiped out in defence of Khota Bahru aerodrome.
      • Taken prisoner in Singapore whilst at Saint Nicholas Flats after General Percival's speech of surrender on February 15th 1942. Marched 15 miles to Changi POW camp.
      • He camped at various places including Montgomery camp near Khota Bahru aerodrome.
        • Ubon
        • Fort Canning
        • Fowler camp
        • Alexandra Barracks
        • Saint Nicholas Flats
        • Changi.
        • Kula Kri
        • Kamburi
        • Chonki - (Chungkai)
      • Released by the Japanese on 18th August 1945, flew from Bangkok to Rangoon, then sailed from Port Said back to England on 11th October 1945 aboard The Orbita – 18,000 tons, built at Belfast, speed 13 knots.




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