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Preface by Ron Taylor


I met John Robert Green M.B.E. and his wife Zelia by chance, at a time when I needed help for my father.

My mother having died the year before in 1997. Pop then seventy eight did not want to go back into their home, they had lived there for forty six years. The memories hurt pop too much. After nine months living with us and having to go into work with us as he needs company, I was very worried about his present situation and did not want him to go into an old peoples home but I knew after he got a chest infection that he needed more care, I was at my wits end to sort it out. Then pop started talking and joking with a customer in the shop, it turned out that the customer, John Green, used to work with pop at Eastern Electricity, he asked about pop and how he was, we then got talking about a home for ex-servicemen run by the British Legion in Cromer.

In the very short time I have known him I have seen the old British fighting spirit that we have shown in the past. Bulldog is his nick-name because when he gets his teath into something he just doesn’t let go. He has helped me with forms and letters but most of all he is there to talk at any time.

It was quite a time before I even knew he had one leg and that he was an M.B.E.. I persuaded him to let me have his story which I have enjoyed putting onto the pages, this is a tribute to Guardsman 2665391, a man who just doesn’t let go.


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Battle of Ornito


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Please Help


Charles GraveI have never been able to get the facts about the way brother Charles met his death. He was Lance Corporal (2658961) Charles William Green, he was killed with seven others near Medjez El Bab Tunisia on 1st February 1943. I believe he was with the others defusing No76 antitank mines when some exploded. When I visited his grave in the cactus grove it was near a farm called something like Baylen. It must have been a terrific explosion as five men were buried in one grave but my brother and two others were buried apart. If any old Coldstream Guards read this and can help, can you supply me with any more information to how Charles met his death.

John Robert Green M.B.E.




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