Under much strain and pain verse is born. Feelings are expressed when normally they are suppressed.

These are a collection of feelings, remembered, cherished and saved.

by Arthur Tate


Five Thousand Five Thousand by J.W Bowen

A Light From The Lisbon Maru A Light From The Lisbon Maru by Bert Garradley

Just Another Ship Just Another Ship by J.W Bowen

Martyrs of the East Martyrs of the East by Unknown

KOBE HOUSE BLUES Kobe House Blues by Norman “Yagi” Colley

Little Boys that Churchill Forgot Little Boys that Churchill Forgot by Norman “Yagi” Colley

On the road to U.S.A On the Road to U.S.A. by J.W Bowen

Lament Lament by Norman “Yagi” Colley

FEPOW Reunion FEPOW Reunion by Bert Garradley



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