Convoy WS-12 Steaming Towards Capetown, South Africa, November 1941

USS Quincy (CA-39) leads the nearest column, followed by USS Wakefield (AP-21), USS Mount Vernon (AP-22), USS West Point (AP-23) and USS Cimarron (AO-22).
The second column is led by USS Ranger (CV-4), followed by USS Orizaba (AP-24), USS Leonard Wood (AP-25), USS Joseph T. Dickman (AP-26) and USS Vincennes (CA-44). The other ships present are destroyers.


Convoy - William Sail 12X

By Paul Morrell


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Above Photo



Vought SB 2U Vindicator Scout Bomber - USS Ranger which was flying an Anti Submarine patrol over the convoy.


Front Line Top to Bottom

USS West Point - USS Mount Vernon - USS Wakefield - USS Quincy (Heavy Cruiser)


Back Row Top To Bottom

USAT Leonard Wood - USS Vincennes (Heavy Cruiser) - USS Joseph T Dickman



USS Orizaba Ap-24 also sailed with Convoy though not pictured in photo


We would like to thank JLSCA member Mr Maurice Green (ex 53 Infantry Brigade) for locating the cover picture of Convoy William.




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