2nd Cambridgeshires at Folkestone Camp

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Originally formed in June ,1939, the 2nd Battalion finally became a separate entity when embodied on 1st September of that year; it was not ,of course , purely a battalion of new recruits, for with the reorganisation of the Regiment on a geographical basis those companies of  the1st Battalion which existed in the northern half of the county were transferred over  to the 2nd .

On the outbreak of war ,Battalion H.Q. moved from Cambridge and joined Headquarters Company and “C” Company at Wisbech; “A” Company was at March and “B” Company at Ely and “D” at Charteris.

To begin with , shortage of equipment , arms, clothing and boots, with a lack of instructors, considerably hampered the companies in their efforts to turn themselves into full-time soldiers, but the task was tackled with great keeness by everyone and the fullest use made of the limited instruction available.

By David Langton


Enlisting , Training and Sailing 

Enlisting, Training and Sailing  (1938 - 1941)

Action in Malaya and Singapore 

Malaya Action

Prisoners of War 

Singapore Action

Prisoners of War 

Escape Party

Death Railway 


Death Railway 







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Honours and Awards for Services in the Far East

1 Malaya and Singapore

  • D.S.O 1
  • Bar to D.S.O. 1
  • O.B.E. 1
  • M.C. 2
  • D.C.M. 1
  • M.M 1
  • Mentioned in Despatches 11

2 . As Prisoners of War, 1942 – 1945

  • M.B.E.1
  • British Empire Medal 1
  • Mentioned in Despatches 4

3 . Other Theatres of the War

Many Officers and Other Ranks of the Regiment served on othe fronts, including Norway, France, and Belgium 1940, Middle East, Crete, East Africa, Sicily, Italy, Burma and Nort – West Europe 1944 – 1945; unfortunately, the record of awards made to members of the Regiment for these campaigns is not yet complete, but the list includes the following:-

  • M.B.E. 2
  • D.C.M 1
  • U.S.Bronze Star 1



David A Ryan: http://home.adelphia.net/~dryan67/orders/army.html

George Boss: Regimental Attendant, IWM at Duxford

Mr Roy Stubbings: former CSM 2nd Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment

Mr P Legge: former Sgt. 2nd Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment

Mr Francis Garrett: Former L/C and Co. Clerk, 2nd Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment

The Cambridgeshire Regiment Old Comrades Association

The Cambridgeshire County Council Records Office

Keith Andrews

Keith Meir

Carol Cooper





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Britain at War



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