"Python" was usually the general code name given for leave that was given to troops that had done four years or more abroad and were due for home posting. I believe that some if not most Fepows possibly came home under this scheme.

Supplied by Paul Morrell


Homeward Bound Trooping Depot, Deolali

October 1945



If you are proceeding home on PYTHON the following documents are required :

  1. Movement order- quoting the authority for the move
  2. A.F.W. 5133 Embarkation certificate parts 1 and 2. Part 1 duly completed and bearing official stamp and signed by the C.O. of the unit
  3. A.F.B. 122 Service conduct sheet
  4. A.F.H. 157 or 957. Kit inventory
  5. A.B. 64 Parts 1 and 2
  6. A.I.F.S. 1524. Last ration certificate
  7. I.A.S.M. 1240. F.F.I Certificate
  8. I.A.S.M. 1260 Vaccination Certificate



  1. On arrival at port of disembarkation Python personnel are split up into parent unit drafts and marched off the ship to special trains.
  2. Drafts are then taken to their respective Receiving Units, where they are documented, receive warrants, ration card, pay NAAFI cigarette coupons etc. Their kits are checked here. According to the time of arrival they either leave the same day or the next, but in any case are not kept for a very long while. Officers must exchange Indian Identity Cards for British Identity Cards.
  3. From here personnel proceed on leave. Arrangements for further pay while on leave are made by the depot. They return to their Receiving Unit at end of leave.



A.F is Army Form

A.B is Army Book





Part Of







Honorary Life Membership





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