All the information in the diary was taken from either Pay Books or the AFS Diary as shown below. These were carried by Horace thoughout his capture.

AES Diary-2





30th Oct




Left Liverpool, England, at 8am aboard Liner Andes


8th Nov




Arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


9th Nov




Changed from English liner Andes, 20,000 tons to American Liner Wakefield, 30,000 tons. Formerly named Manhattan


10th Nov




Left Halifax, no shore leave


11th Nov




Position East of New York


14th Nov




Position East of Bahamas, West Indies


17th Nov




Arrived Trinidad, two days in bay. No shore leave. The hottist day yet


19th Nov




Left Trinidad


23rd Nov




Crossed the equator, Father Neptune ceremony.


9th Dec




Arrived Capetown, South Africa


13th Dec




Left Capetown after four days, glorious shore leave, pool absolutely magnificent.


15th Dec




Position off Port Elizabeth


16th Dec




Position off Durban S.W. Africa


25th Dec




Christmas Day aboard ship in the Arabian Sea. Very good meals and Show. No beer.


27th Dec




Arrived Bombay, India. Board train for some place called Amednegar.


29th Dec




Arrived Amednegar. What a joint, what a march to the barracks.





15th Jan




March to station leaving Amednegar, very poor meals except for native canteen, 20 odd miles march. Night Operations, Kit inspection, whilst just over a fortnight stay.


20th Jan




Left Bombay, India aboard same ship


22nd Jan




Position off Colombo


27th Jan




Through Sundra Straits after unsuccessful attempt to bomb convoy. 3 bombs dropped from a great height


28th Jan




Arrived Singapore


29th Jan




Disembarked from Wakefield for Camp. First sight to greet our eyes, 21 Japanese bombers overhead.


31st Jan




Left camp 51 for Teck Hock. Take up first mortar positions. Situation very bad. No Allied planes.


8th Feb




The eventful day, Japanese make a succesful landing on Singapore. Position held for a time, then Japanese advance.


10th Feb




Our Battalion move into front line forward positions.


11th Feb




We mortar Bukit Timah Village, 150 bombs put over. Our shells hardly returned.

A night and day of hell. Hit on tin hat from about ten yards, lucky devel. Got the blighter that did it. Same night lose my kit and all personal stuff, still its all in the game.


12th Feb




Poor old Tiny Brittain, Stan Turner, Ray Boothby and Ginger Gravels, killed in a trench 4 yards away from me. Bob Noble and Joe Coleman pretty badly wounded. All six in one trench. Place Aclame Road. All mud and earth on top of me. Mortar bomb direct hit.






001 - Jap Guards

Death Railway

Although these entries are missing we know Horace was taken to Changi Prison.


The photo is believed to be taken with the prison in the backgound.


Horace worked on the Death Railway from Thailand to Burma

For every sleeper laid a life was lost.

The Japanese guards had their orders of,


No Work, No Food.

Out of every three allied prisoners taken, one did not survive.

The second Photo shows the soldiers of Bushido, some were cruel and sadistic but not all.

002 - Jap Guards





22nd Jun




Left Tamaung, Thailand for Japan


26th Jun




Arrived River Valley, Singapore


2nd Jul




Left River Valley


4th Jul




Left Singapore


8th Jul




Arrived Borneo, first time


10th Jul




Left Borneo, first time


11th Jul




Arrived Borneo, second time


12th Jul




Left Borneo, second time


16th Jul




Arrived Manila


23rd Jul




Left Manila


27th Jul




Arrived Formosa, first time


31st Jul




Left Formosa, first time


1st Aug




Arrived Formosa, second time


4th Aug




Left Formosa, second time


8th Aug




Saw Japan


10th Aug




Disembarked Maji


11th Aug




Left by rail, Simonseni 3am, Arrived Osaka


12th Aug




Left Osaka, arrived Tokyo


13th Aug




Left Tokyo,, arrived Onahama POW Camp.

List of prisoners from 4th Royal Norfolks click here





14th Aug




2nd World War finishes


15th Aug




05.50 hours, usual mine working parade. Arrival at mine, no work. Return to camp at 16.00 hours, hear wild rumours of war being ended.


16th Aug




05.50 hours, Parade for work but no work done.

Rumours much stronger concerning war ended.


17th Aug




05.50 hours, Parade for work. We finished all work for Japs at 13.00 hours. We hear that rumour is correct. Nearly one year of misery


18th Aug




We are waiting Free Men, no cigarettes, very poor and small meals


19th Aug




Still waiting


20th Aug






21st Aug




We have a smoke


22nd Aug




Lousy meals for Free Men


23rd Aug




Rumours of moving


24th Aug




Rumours of planes with food


25th Aug




Planes over at 09.20 hours. What a greeting. Tears in all the boys eyes. Good old Yanks.

16.00 hours, Yanks back again with supplies.

We got:

17 cigs

Half small 4oz Tin of Meat

Half packet of Assorted

Half 2oz Fruit Bar

2 Cubes of sugar

2 Biscuits

Half 3oz Pkt Coffee Powder

Half 2oz Cereal

Per Man


9th Sep




We at last say goodbye to Onahama POW Camp. Board train for Yokahama. Arrive Yokaham and send cable home.

Fine reception Band etc. Board U.S.S. Bracken. My first good meal for nearly four years.


10th Sep




Lying in Yokahama Bay waiting to pull out.


11th Sep




We set sail for Manila


12th Sep




Trip very good but others eating well and me off my food and feeling pretty rotten,whole of trip


18th Sep




Arrive Manila, get ready for going ashore but it is cancelled.


19th Sep




We pack up and go ashore straight on to Yankee Trucks and have a trip of about 20 miles through Manila. Place knocked about pretty bad.

Arrive at camp. Plenty of mud, rainy season. Tent Camp, but what a treat. First real beds for nearly four years.

Canteen, free Cigs, Candy Tof, Shavers. Cinemas and dam good chow.


20th Sep




We get issue of kit and interrogated.


21st Sep




1st pay for nearly four years, ie 40 Peseto


22nd Sep




Waiting for Medical Test



Part Of



Britain at War



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