In memory of all the men and women who died in Burma, Thailand, and India, but especially Corporal Deacon and his comrades in The Beds & Herts Regt.,and also Capt.Trevor Mead(1st.Battalion),who now rests at Guahati in Assam.



Thoughts at Kanchanaburi

War Cemetery



Who were you Corporal Deacon, what tales had you to tell?

Before you were lain in this ground, and escaped your living hell;

With beatings all part of your daily round, forced labour, pain, and cruelty

At the hands of a savage army, hell-bent on a quick victory.



Did you wander down leafy byways, close by Hatfield, Hitchin, or Ware?

Or perhaps drive down Bedford highways, in Dad's car with hardly a care.

Was your girl a Mary or Doris, or p'raps you married in war's hurried way?

Whatever, I bet you were happy,'til the Second World War held it's sway.



Then to the far away shores of Burma, close on Tobruk's bloody fire,

You were part of a Forgotten Army until life, itself, did expire.

Forgotten, by many, but not me mate, as I stand by your grave in this heat,

For I'll never forget how you suffered, just so me, and mine, could live free.



I can never forgive the red sun, 'til bowed by your grave they do stand,

To beg your forgiveness truly, and old enemy ghosts take your hand.


Copyright T.Harrison 2000.

Written,La Linea,Spain,11-8-99